About Us

About Us

Central Public School was affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) up to Secondary level in 2007 and up to Senior Secondary level in 2009.
The School came into existence in 2005 as a result of the dynamic vision of the renowned educationist and social reformer Shri Hare Ram Singh and has ever since proved its excellence in every field.

About President Desk

Its a matter of great pride, a greater privilege and greatest responsibility to be the president of Central Public School. The aspiration to develop this school has been synonymous with the desire to be instrumental in the construction of an ideal society with the unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Our children while they grow and learn the latest technologies, as well as the most modern mechanism and functioning, should always remember their own traditions and cultures and be proud of the values for which INDIA has always been distinguished and applauded. Moving in pace with the fast-changing times and ideal society requires efficient technicians and scholars who can, not only build and reconstruct the social arena but can also prevent the erosion of values and culture; and, the school is a humble step towards the same objective. The aim, ambition, and vision behind the upbringing of this school, is a community thriving with knowledge, flourishing in wisdom and blossoming in amity. Let’s come together to equip every young individual with the power of quality education and strength of character.


Who We Are ?

Our Motto

Duty Before Dividend
This means we give utmost importance to duty than anything else. We know that we have been sent onto the earth by God with a purpose. We can fulfill this purpose if we do our duty willingly, graciously and ungrudgingly. We should know that Work is worship and Duty is God.

Our Mission

We believe that true education is that which teaches us to learn, unlearn and release that potential to ultimately become fine human beings and contribute positively to society through …Duty before the dividend.

Our Vision

The highly motivated, ethically strong and socially concerned staff of Central Public School with their heads held high pledge to cultivate lifelong smart learners who will be professionally groomed, yet socially well adjusted and responsible.

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